Cyber Crime Intervention Officer (CCIO)

Aanand Naidu
Aanand Naidu
Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime
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Cyber CrimeIntervention Officer

The CCIO is a course that aims to provide you with an essential background on cyberpsychology and cybercrimes. The course lets you detect early signs of problems in school children and teenagers affected by their online activities and equips you with proper guidance and counseling for timely and decisive intervention.

Course Benefits

  • Win as a Parent
    • Being a parent is the most difficult job in this world. As children grow, the digital divide increases the generation gap and makes you a parent feel disconnected. The program helps you understand the online world and its consequences so that you can protect your children and loved ones from potential cybercrimes.
  • Become a better Lawyer
    • If you are an existing lawyer, you will enhance your cases understandings immensely with this course. This will mean fewer technical mistakes and wider scope of defense.
  • Become a better Police Officer
    • The program will enhance your ability to connect, speak and discuss with young children and teenagers affected by cybercrimes. You will learn how to remove their fears, give them courage and help you gain crucial details of the case that will fasten the investigations.
  • Become a better Teacher
    • Being a teacher is a tough job – and when you understand the new age problems of digital kids, it helps you navigate their world without getting lost. With the skills gained in this program, you may be able to intervene just in time before a crime becomes dangerous for the children, causing harm to both the victims and the reputation of the school.
  • Explore Part-time Work Opportunities
    The biggest advantage of this program is, this enables you to pick up part-time work opportunities such as:
    1. Conducting workshops in schools on cyber safety
    2. Working as an Intervention Officer for schools to advise parents and children
    3. Assisting lawyers on cyber crime cases
    4. Assisting hospitals, counselors and doctors dealing with Cybercrime victims

You can upgrade your skills to learn Digital Forensics Investigation or become a full time lawyer to enhance full time work opportunities in this area. Both the skills are diverse so do not hesitate to learn more from your Instructors about these skills.

Who Should Attend

The minimum age requirement to attend the CCIO program is 20 years. Admission to the course is subject to application approval. The course is best suited for:

  • Parents (Especially Mothers)
  • Teachers and Teacher Trainees
  • Counselors
  • Medical Professionals
  • Judicial Officers
  • Lawyers and Law students
  • Cybersecurity professionals
  • Armed Forces Personnel
  • Law enforcement officers
Aanand Naidu
Aanand Naidu
Director - ISAC +91 88008 80757 Email: 30+ years of experience in policy and management. Adjunct Professor at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad

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₹5,000.00 ₹4,500.00